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What All Can You Do with GoPro?

GoPro is a pocket-size, waterproof, and durable device. It is the camera of choice for action sports athletes, trips, and recording life’s important moments. In addition, this device is easier to mount to a surfboard or a helmet than a smartphone.

If you are using a Mac and want to learn how to connect to GoPro, click If you are a Windows user, you can connect your GoPro to your computer using a micro USB cable. The GoPro icon will be displayed in the status bar and will be indicated with a blue dot.

Whether you are getting started with GoPro or have used it extensively, the following tips will help uncover the camera’s capabilities.

Record Fleeting Moments and More

Bring out the adventurer in you by using GoPro. It is one of the most versatile cameras that capture professional quality photos and videos.

Predominantly, these cameras are used by individuals participating in activities like skateboarding, running, climbing, and running.

You can use a GoPro to record your journey while you are traveling, record yourself in action, whether it is skateboarding or skiing, bring a new dimension to family videos, etc. You can also take this device with you when you are swimming and want to capture your underwater activities

Enhance Battery Life

Whether you are using GoPro or any other device, you would want to get as much battery life out of your GoPro as possible. The battery may drain quickly if you use it excessively or record an entire day.

You can head to Preferences and then dial down the screen brightness of the LCD screen. Also, you can dial down the timeout delay under Displays and switch off GPS.

Then, tap Connections to turn off the link to your phone and other devices. This will help to squeeze out the maximum juice from your device.

Alter the Field of View

When it comes to wide-angle shots, GoPros are one of the best devices that you can use. However, you would not always need a specific wide Field of View.

You can alter the Field of View when you don’t require a wide angle shot. tap the W in the right-hand corner of the LCD screen and make the changes. Once you start filming, you will be able to fit more or less into the frame.

It is not difficult to grasp the basics of FOV. However, a narrower setting will help you get a much more focused look at all the action happening. The effect is almost like zooming in.

Do you want to remove the fish-eye effect completely? Then, you can select one of the narrow or linear options.

Use Your Voice to Control GoPro

Today, everyone is used to talking to smartphones and smart speakers. For instance, if you want to talk on your phone, you will bring up the voice assistant. Similarly, you can use your voice to command your GoPro action camera. You can enable this feature, you must swipe down on display at the back of your GoPro. Tap the voice command icon if it is not turned on.

Go to Preferences on your camera > find an entire list of commands under Voice Control and Commands.

You can issue commands like GoPro Photo mode, GoPro Start Recording, etc.

Use QuikCapture

If you want to switch on your camera and start recording with a single press of the shutter, you can use QuikCapture. This is an excellent feature for capturing fleeting moments of your life on the fly.

You just have to press the shutter button to turn it on and start recording the video. Alternatively, you can start a time lapse by pressing and holding the shutter button.

If you press again, GoPro will turn off.

Upload to the Cloud

Did you know that GoPro can upload your photos and videos to the cloud? As a result, you can save storage space by sending all the captured content to the cloud.

Remember to connect to a Wi-Fi network when transferring to the cloud, or your phone’s data will run out quickly.

To use this feature, you must go through the initial setup process of setting up through Quik or the GoPro app on your phone. This way, your camera will know which Wi-Fi network it must use. Then, everything else will happen in the background. Finally, your pictures and videos will get transferred while you can continue capturing more life-changing moments.

The Bottom Line

You can use a GoPro to capture action, adventure, and fleeting life moments. These are portable cameras that come with several mount options. You can capture unforgettable moments, whether underwater, skiing or paragliding. In addition, this camera is easier to mount while swimming or biking.

Bring your GoPro out and go crazy!

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