Violent Words With Vicarious Meanings

Vulgarly is used to describe people, animals, and things that are intentionally cruel and unkind. Examples of such people and things include wild animals, which are often called vicious. A vicious person may also be someone who attacks someone’s appearance or character. These examples demonstrate the many different uses of the word vicious. Listed below are some examples of words with vicious meanings. Read on to learn more. Here are some common uses of vicious.

Violently describes a person, action, or object that causes great pain or damage. The word comes from the Latin vitium, which means fault. It is also the source of the word vice. A vicious person might be someone who terrorizes a neighborhood. Likewise, a vicious society would increase tax rates on the lower classes. As these examples show, viciousness is an adjective indicating dangerousness and evil nature. While there are other uses of the word, it is often used in negative contexts to describe the person or object that is vicious.

One common use of the word vicious is the definition of a vicious circle. According to the Oxford dictionary, a vicious circle is a reciprocal cause and effect sequence that worsens a situation. Examples of a vicious cycle include internal corruptions in government, a ferocious storm that devastated the city, and a ferocious competitor who strives to maximize their potential. It is also common to find vicious words in other languages.

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