Things to Know About HealthTap Services

HealthTap provides a range of services such as symptom checker, virtual consultations and medication recommendations that you can access from either mobile phone or desktop computer.

This app boasts an AI-augmented symptom checker that offers comprehensive explanations of symptoms and their potential causes. Furthermore, the platform stores data on users’ medical histories.

What is HealthTap?

HealthTap is a telemedicine platform that gives patients instantaneous access to an extensive network of qualified physicians. Patients can consult these doctors from their phones, tablets or computers at any time they wish – day or night.

HealthTap boasts over 90,000 physicians across 147 specialties that have undergone a rigorous verification process. All physicians must be board-certified, possess a valid medical license and demonstrate dedication to providing quality care.

HealthTap Online doctor provides medication prescriptions and lab tests for members in the United States. Furthermore, they have the capacity to refer out patients to specialist when necessary.

Symptom Checker

The Symptom Checker, available through HealthTap’s app or Amazon Alexa, is an AI-powered “virtual physician” that assists members in evaluating their symptoms and providing guidance on next steps of care. It differs from traditional symptom checkers because it uses artificial intelligence to answer questions in a conversational style manner.

Although its accuracy remains uncertain, this service could prove useful for patients who are hesitant to consult a doctor online.

HealthTap’s new augmented intelligence platform is “more precise” than traditional “symptom checkers,” the company states, since it links information back to doctors who contributed it and connects users with a physician at their discretion. Furthermore, HealthTap provides a “conversational” digital experience that feels more natural and helps build trust and rapport rapidly.

Virtual Appointments

Virtual appointments with healthcare professionals are video calls or text chats that allow you to get medical advice from a doctor over the internet. This can save both time and money since there’s no need to travel or wait in a waiting room.

HealthTap provides access to an expansive network of U.S.-licensed physicians across 147 specialties. They offer live video chats or text messaging with patients, along with prescription refills and lab tests as needed.

Members enjoy free access to 90,000 volunteer U.S. doctors and an automated symptom checker. Plus, search millions of trusted answers to anonymous health questions from a curated library of doctors or ask your own questions for special consideration.

Medication Recommendations

HealthTap not only offers symptom checkers and virtual consultations, but they also offer medication recommendations. These ratings – called RateRx – are submitted by doctors on the network and can be accessed via smartphones.

Doctors contributing to the database are asked to rate the effectiveness of medications they have prescribed for patients. Once reviews are in, they’re ranked and compared against other doctors’ ratings.

HealthTap has collected the drug recommendations of more than half a million medical doctors and integrated them into its platform. According to its founder Ron Gutman, doctors are best qualified to share their educated opinions about medications due to their extensive training and expertise in prescribing them.

Customer Service

HealthTap provides customer support through both a helpline and live chat feature, both accessible 24/7.

With our free services, you can ask questions about your symptoms, get health tips and advice, and discover what steps should be taken next. These services are accessible at no cost and don’t require an appointment for use.

However, certain services (like Virtual Consults) can be accessed for a fee.

Doctors provide HealthTap with a vast amount of data. This vast resource allows the platform to customize its services for each user individually.

HealthTap does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should never replace professional medical guidance from your existing doctor or healthcare provider. Always consult with your existing provider or use a Virtual Consult when you have personal questions about a medical condition or symptom.

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