Distance Learning Articles

In this series of Distance Learning articles, authors provide helpful information for educators and students. The articles are organized according to priority Learning Components that provide multiple opportunities for learning within an inclusive environment. In the first article, Distance Learning Engagement: An Overview Framework, authors provide an overview of the importance of distance learning for inclusive environments. They discuss the benefits of online learning for students with diverse needs. The second article highlights the importance of incorporating multimedia into distance learning.

The collection is structured into eight categories: fundamental concepts, development methodologies, tools, technologies, utilisation, social and managerial implications, and emerging trends. The collection contains many articles on a variety of topics and a preface tries to provide an overview. An introductory chapter focuses on contemporary research in distance learning. This chapter appears to be the only one written for the collection. It is worth mentioning that the articles in this collection are dated as of 2004 and 2006.

Themes that have been the focus of most distance learning articles in the last decade include: the nature of pedagogical issues and the student’s point of view. The research literature also includes articles on open educational resources, massive online courses, and the perspectives of students. Technological developments and new pedagogical approaches played a major role in triggering research topics. However, cutoff points may also provide valuable hints for new studies.

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